One Taxing Ride – Original Artwork


Please not the frames are now white not black.

Original Art of Cyclists made from Tax Discs

Mixed media original artwork. These cyclists are collaged from old tax discs, look closely and you can see the details of the discs in their clothes and helmet.

The artist started collecting paper tax discs when she heard that they were going to become a piece of our heritage. Unsure at first what to use them for she considered a few different ideas, before deciding that there is a great irony of using them to recreate caricatures of cyclists. The misconception of many car drivers is that they pay road tax, so have more entitlement to use the road. Of course no-one pays Road tax; drivers pay Vehicle Excise Duty which goes to the General Treasury, consequently the artist likes to think that the Taxing Rides collection will provoke a wry smile from cyclists and car drivers alike.

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