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I’ve been given the pleasure by Joe to talk about beginner cycling on Cyclegeezer. Having been road cycling for 2 years now, I’ve become a confident commuter and hobby cyclist. But before that I wasn’t sure as to why I should cycle nor how to overcome my fear of the roads.

Let me tell you, it’s easier than you think!

Firstly, it should come as no surprise that cycling is good for your health. It’s good for the waistline, the blood pressure and the overall fitness.

But there are overlooked benefits.

These include:

• Saving money and being more sustainable. Reduce your fuel costs and your carbon emissions whilst getting fit. Works all round for townies and city dwellers!

• A sense of community. Cycling guys and gals are an amazing bunch making the sport accessible and enjoyable no matter how seriously you take cycling.

• Explore! Some of the funnest rides are going places you’ve never been. Having a bike gives you that opportunity to take roads less travelled and see scenery you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

And what about overcoming your fear on the roads? The best way to do this is to go out with someone competent on the roads so they can guide you through it. Otherwise, build up to busier roads on your own, by taking the quieter roads to start.

Facing that initial fear is always going to be difficult but the adrenaline will get you through it and you’ll come to terms with how easy it actually is. Just remember to ride sensibly, and be predictable.

Get some cycling safety gear too, to help reduce the risk. For evenings and early mornings, make sure to wear reflective gear and lights on your bike, and in the daytime don’t forget your helmet.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t start on your next free weekend. Grab a bike, and just get out there. 1 mile or 10 miles. It doesn’t matter. Cycle, increase your confidence, and join in with the activity everybody is raving about.

See you on the roads,

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