Keep Motivated!!

It’s cold and wet and windy and just rubbish. I hate the winter season and find it often knocks me back when searching for motivation to hop on the bike.

I’m sure there are many just like me, so I wanted to share five of my motivation methods that whilst haven’t got me 100%, have got me out there.

Surround yourself with cycling motivation

We all get inspired and motivated by different things. You need to find what they are and surround yourself with them. That could include looking back at passed cycling achievements either online or as artwork, finding motivational quotes, or simply watching cycle races and movies.

Train indoors

You may lose a little respect from your hardened cycling buddies, but training in doors is becoming more viable and entertaining. With the likes of Zwift, a cycling virtual world that hooks up to your turbo trainer, you can cycle with other turbo trainer riders across the globe. It’s a perfect way to escape the cold and get your legs pumping ready for spring.

Enter a cycling event

Nothing like committing to a sportive or audax to keep you going. That commitment and goal will motivate you to actually get cycling. It will give you even more of a kick if the event is a step above your current capability; ensuring you’ll practice.


Is it just me, or does completing a ride in the cold and harsh weather make the rest of the day feel even better? That sensation of sitting down on the sofa, turning the TV on and having coffee and cake just feels so much more deserved after a tough day on the bike. You can have cake and watch TV without cycling, but I bet you’ll feel downright lazy and guilty for it!

It’s just a bit of weather

You know when I mentioned the loss of respect from your cold weather hardened cycling buddies? Well toughen up and embrace the bitterness. No excuses

    ; no ifs or buts; just wrap up warm and hit the roads. Once you get going you’ll warm up. Shorten your rides and up the intensity – make them short and sharp for effective training without having to endure the cold for too long.

    I hope you find some motivation in these methods – and if not, simply wait it out until the sun comes out. See you on the road.


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