Considering buying a new ride??

It’s the greener way to go, but it seems bicycling can tackle everything from health issues to homelessness. Forget portable wind turbines and designer wormeries – when it comes to bona fide green investments it’s hard to beat a good old bicycle, right? It appears we think so. According to the Department for Transport’s 2007 […]

Sculptures – more uses for recycled bike chains

This is taking recycling to another level altogether! South Korean artist Seo Young-Deok works day in, day out with bike chains to create fantastic and often huge sculptures. When utilised on a bike, chains facilitate freedom and travel as an ethical alternative to cars, this artist then gives the chains a second life by moulding […]

Getting into Cycling by Angus from

I’ve been given the pleasure by Joe to talk about beginner cycling on Cyclegeezer. Having been road cycling for 2 years now, I’ve become a confident commuter and hobby cyclist. But before that I wasn’t sure as to why I should cycle nor how to overcome my fear of the roads. Let me tell you, […]

How to look after your upcycled inner-tube / tyre gift.

Although the Inner-tubes and tyres are pretty sturdy, here are some care tips to ensure that you get the best out of your purse, wallet, belt or bracelet! Avoid contact against sharp surfaces to minimise scratching. Wash in warm clean water with no soap or detergents. Wipe off excess water with a soft towel and […]